JK Rowling reveals referendum campaign abuse

JK Rowling has spoken for the first time about being called a “traitor”, “whore” and “bitch” after pledging £1 million to the Better Together campaign.

JK Rowling revealed some of the abuse she suffered during a debate on Twitter. Picture: PA
JK Rowling revealed some of the abuse she suffered during a debate on Twitter. Picture: PA

The Harry Potter author revealed during a Twitter argument that she was “lambasted” for previously taking Scottish benefits and “told to go back where she came from” after siding with the Unionists during last year’s independence referendum.

Yes voters called her “insufficiently Scottish”, told her to “get to f***” and called her “politically corrupt” when they heard the news.

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Yesterday she hit out at those who said she was not “purely Scottish” enough to pledge such large amounts of money.

With a reference to Lord Voldermort’s witches and wizards, she said: “When people started discriminating against anyone’s right to a view based on the purity of their blood, things became a little Death Eatery for my tastes.”

The comment was made during a conversation with another Twitter user, which then turned into an argument regarding her Death Eater comment.

‘@mypolitics’ said to Rowling: “I got over the referendum result ages ago, and yet for some reason I’m still heartbroken that @JK_Rowling called us ‘Death Eaters’.”

Rowling was quick to defend herself.

She replied: “I was called ‘traitor’, ‘whore’ and ‘bitch’, told to go back where I came from, lambasted for taking Scottish benefits.

“If you are going to quote me, I suggest you quote me accurately.”

@mypolitics hit back: “We were all called horrible, horrific names on both sides. You singled out the lunatic fringe of one side to make a point.”

Rowling then said: “You accused me of saying something I didn’t. I suggest you get your facts straight.”

@mypolitics eventually apologised for his comments, and claimed that his source was “out of context”.

Rowling managed to forgive the accuser, wishing them a “nice day” complete with a smiley-face.

Her mention of Death Eaters refers to a group of witches and wizards led by Lord Voldermort who try to rid the world of wizards or witches who are not “pure”. Rowling was accused of being “insufficiently Scottish” despite having lived in the country for 22 years.

The award-winning author was bombarded with abuse from nationalists on social media after making the substantial donation last year.

The attacks were condemned by Yes Scotland, David Cameron and the leader of the Church of Scotland, who said that there was “no place for abusive behaviour” and that personal insults had “no part” in the discussion about Scotland’s future.