Irn-Bru advert shows Scots father’s nightmare

A NEW and particularly patriotic Irn-Bru advert is to be released today.

The first ad of the year from the “Irn-Bru Gets You Through” campaign features an introduction between a staunchly Scottish dad and his daughter’s new English boyfriend.

With bagpipes skirling in the background, Scotsman Mr McGee is faced with a 1966-themed England football top and a British bulldog named Wembley.

He relies on drinking Irn-Bru, produced by AG Barr, to cope with the situation.

The “New Fella” ad is the first of a second series for the marketing campaign. The first series of ads generated 2.5 million views on video-sharing website YouTube.

“Life has a tendency of throwing up awkward situations,” said Irn-Bru head of marketing Adrian Troy.

“It’s the way you deal with them that counts. Reinvigorating and uplifting, Irn-Bru 
gives you the strength to cope with even the worst nightmare scenario.”

“New Fella” will be shown on the soft drink’s Facebook page from 7pm this evening and will be on TV screens from Monday.