Hunted star Ricky Allen reads of pursuit in The Scotsman

Channel 4's Ricky Allen. Picture: submittedChannel 4's Ricky Allen. Picture: submitted
Channel 4's Ricky Allen. Picture: submitted
RICKY Allen, the star of Channel 4 pursuit show Hunted, learns of the noose tightening when he reads about himself in The Scotsman in tomorrow’s third episode.

Dr Allen headed for Fort William, where he has a network of friends, having worked there 25 years ago.

However, the increasingly desperate pursuers resort to offering a £250 reward for capture of the 56-year-old, as The Scotsman reported during the filming of the series in May.

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Dr Allen is seen reading the story, which refers to former Scotland Yard detective Peter Bleksley saying: “We are very determined to capture him and are working tirelessly.”

The GP, a former surgeon at Belford Hospital in Fort William, said he had loved being on the run.

Over several weeks, he slept in boats, stables, sheds, bothies, caravans and cars.

He told The Scotsman today: “Being an outlaw is very addictive.

“Your day-to-day routine is thrown away and you have the minimum to carry.

“It was not tedious - it became more and more pleasurable.”

However, Dr Allen said the reward being offered came as a shock.

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He said: “The hunters became Neighbourhood Watch - I was very disappointed.

“I felt they were throwing in the towel. It was a low blow.

“That changed it completely for me. I had to become suspicious of everybody.”

Hunted is on Channel 4 on Thursday at 9pm.

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