Greggs reject Scottish banknote from McCoo artist Steve Brown

Scottish artist Steve Brown has '˜waged war' on Greggs after staff at an English store took away his lunch while he was eating it after a row over use of a Scottish banknote.

Greggs refused to accept a Scottish banknote
Greggs refused to accept a Scottish banknote

The renowned artist, who is famous for his colourful illustrations of cows, claims that he paid for his lunch at a Greggs with a Scottish £20 in Solihull, only for staff to take away some of the food he had bought after saying they could no longer accept his money.

The artist said in a Facebook video that he felt ‘discriminated against’ by staff and management even claiming that he had to eat his sausage role before staff took it away.

He said: “You wouldn’t believe this. They took the food away from us. We gave them a Scottish note. My friend Craig paid for it and three of the staff were talking about it. I’m going to quickly eat my sausage roll before she takes it away.

Steve Brown had his Scottish note rejected in Greggs. Picture; Facebook

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“We are supposed to be one country. We have just been discriminated at Greggs Solihull.

“We tried to pay by a Scottish note, got told you can’t pay by that and our food got taken away from us from the table outside.”

“The manager said it too. I’ve never ever had a problem with Greggs in my life. I love the food.

Steve Brown had his Scottish note rejected in Greggs. Picture; Facebook

“I’m always in it. They took away my orange juice, my cheese and onion pasty which I love and his coffee. Well need it go to the bank and get some English money. Is that not unbelievable? It’s racism.”

We’ve been racially discriminated against. The Works accepted our Scottish money. Be careful guys when you go to Greggs. I’ll tell you what. I’ll not go back and I’m a good customer.”

In an attempt to get the last word however, the artist made a sign placing it in front of the store which read “Greggs Solihull. Sorry we only accept English money, not Scottish.”

A Greggs spokesperson said: “This incident should never have happened and we are really sorry that we let our customer down.

“All of our shops should accept Scottish notes and we have contacted them all today to remind them to ensure this does not happen again.”