Gig review: Twin Atlantic

HOW much longer before Twin Atlantic too can make outrageous demands akin to the 60 pieces of furniture, “organic houmous”, “interesting chocolate biscuits” and “one bright, shiny, red apple” of an old Biffy Clyro festival rider leaked earlier this week, to much (probably unfair) social media sniggering?

Glasgow band Twin Atlantic. Picture: Lisa Ferguson
Glasgow band Twin Atlantic. Picture: Lisa Ferguson

Twin Atlantic

Barrowland, Glasgow

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Not long, judging by this first of two solidly sold-out and ecstatically received hometown dates.

Just like their inspirations and fellow Scots Biffy, this Glasgow quartet have gotten where they are by hard graft, climbing every rung of the gig and festivals ladder since forming in 2007. Though they could surely short-cut to much bigger success sooner with some stronger, more distinctive songs than the clenched-fisted, stadium-sized stock alt-rock earnestness singer Sam McTrusty and co have peddled across three albums now up to current set Great Divide.

They’re a far better band live than they are on record, in no small part thanks to McTrusty’s commanding frontman routine. He could barely get through a tune without inserting at least one “you still with us Glasgow?”, “I can’t hear you Glasgow”, “sing with me Glasgow” or the like at key mass-vocalising moments.

The noisy feel-good feedback loop which developed between fans and band was a spectacle to behold, if consistently more diverting than the fairly clichéd likes of Hold On and Rest In Pieces. But with choruses as huge of those borne by Time For You To Stand Up – as embellished with obligatory crowd-sit-on-the-floor-then-jump-up-at-once gimmick – and the Snow Patrol-esque Why Won’t We Change?, those interesting chocolate biscuits surely lie in wait yet.

Seen on 24.10.14