Gig review: Midlake, ABC Glasgow

Texan outfit Midlake lost their frontman and founding member Tim Smith a couple of years ago, but such is the natural weave of their aural comfort blanket that guitarist and backing vocalist Eric Pulido has stepped up to the plate without any discernible upheaval to the dynamic. Judging by the flawless blend of close harmonies shared among the band members, they could probably rotate lead vocal duties and still produce a seamless sound.

Midlake consists of a set of fine musicians producing wonderful close harmonies and dreamy, lengthy tracks

Midlake - ABC Glasgow

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Though much loved and now pretty commercially successful as a unit, they remain an unassuming bunch who let the music do the persuading – and it is very persuasive, every song in this set an exquisite incantation, composed of long, legato notes, stately, soothing harmonies, elegantly effects-laden guitar and cameos for flute and melodica, all anchored by controlled yet powerful drumming.

This dreamy suite of songs, which suggested rather than trumpeted folk, country, prog and psychedelic influences, was not for those craving something punchy or the instant gratification of a hookline, although the more accessible though still very mellow classic rock moments, such as Roscoe, did make their presence felt in the overall flow.

Instead, this was mood music to submerge in and the crowd were sold from the opening moments, roaring their approval between tracks, giddy at the rich, understated beauty of it all.

Seen on 22.02.14