Gig review: Foo Fighters, BT Murrayfield

THEY say all good things come to those who wait. And boy, was it worth the three-month delay to see rock behemoths Foo Fighters at Murrayfield Stadium last night.

Dave Grohl rocked and rolled from an extravagantly-designed 'throne'. Picture: Lisa Ferguson
Dave Grohl rocked and rolled from an extravagantly-designed 'throne'. Picture: Lisa Ferguson

Back in June, Foos frontman Dave Grohl fell and shattered his right leg during a concert in Gothenburg.

Now, here he was: wearing a metal brace, sat on a large, remote-controlled, Doctor Who-influenced throne and ready to rock.

Ironically, when the large FF-emblazoned curtain dropped, everyone in the stands took to their feet in appreciation, fan favourites Times Like These and Learn To Fly arriving in quick succession.

The Foo Fighters, going strong for over 20 years, played for more than 2 hours at Murrayfield. Picture: Lisa Ferguson

While the audience quickly found their singing voice, it was hard to see Grohl for his sea of flailing hair, his left leg kicking out with every drum beat. Only the Foo Fighters could start a gig like most classic rock bands end theirs.

“I knew you’d be the f****** loudest crowd of this tour,” he roared, his mobile buggy snailing up the stage catwalk.

The former Nirvana drummer even got to his feet for a brief moment as all hell broke loose around him.

Indeed, the band were so loud, you could probably have heard them from an open window in Leith – 1995 Foos hit Big Me giving the band a chance to show off almost every rock cliche in the book.

For a bit of nostalgia, a rendition of The Vaselines’ Molly’s Lips – as famously covered by Nirvana – got an airing. My Hero proving the mid-show lull doesn’t apply to the Foos.

And on they played, rocking, rolling, long into the night. The highlight: the aptly-titled Best Of You.

Some self-indulgence aside, it’s just as well the stadium didn’t have a ceiling for the band would have blown its roof off.

In fact, there’s no doubt Dave Grohl is the nice guy of rock. Living, physical, proof that a broken leg won’t get in the way of him, or his audience, having a good time.

And spare a thought for dynamic Edinburgh support act duo Honeyblood, who set the evening’s tone, proving they can stand among giants.

Murrayfield, you rocked.

Rating: ******