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If there's one garment every gardener should own, it's a pair of gardening gloves. They keep the moisture out and the warmth in, and protect soft fingers against rough foliage. Invest in a pair before winter truly descends upon us. Before purchase, consider what sort of gardening you do – whether it is heavy work such as digging over an allotment, or a little light weeding and fine pruning – as it will have a bearing on which of our gloves you choose.

Get a grip

Created by an orthopaedic hand surgeon, these heavy duty gloves have been designed to support the wrist and give a better grip. The leather palm features carefully placed padding which supports the whole hand and improves the grip, and the gloves come in green, purple, pink and blue.

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Stay warm and dry

Gold Leaf's award-winning gloves are generating a buzz among gardeners. They are made from the highest quality leather for increased comfort, and the softness of the nap means that the wearer can 'feel' more easily. The Dry Touch glove has been treated to make it more resistant to water, and it is lined for extra warmth.

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Protect green fingers

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These gloves by the Royal Horticultural Society are specially designed to be worn for pruning roses. Made from cotton, they're soft and comfortable on the inside, but are coated with nitrile to make them completely water resistant as well as offering protection against thorns.

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