Gadget: Sports headphones

For obvious reasons, the manufacturers of sports headphones tend to recommend them for as wide a range of sports as they can think of, from fairly low-risk activities such as jogging to potentially more hazardous pursuits such as cycling and skiing.

Koss P9 Headphones


For those who prefer a neckband to keep everything in place.


Jaybird Sports- band 2



Sennheiser PMX 680i Sports


With Kevlar cables, so you can throw them around.


Skullcandy Chops


With neat little hooks that fit snugly over your ears.


FTSE forbid that I should jeopardise anyone's bottom line, but I feel it only sensible to point out that, in some circumstances, sportspeople might want to think twice before cutting themselves off from the world of sound. Cycling or skateboarding near busy roads? Probably best not to wear headphones. Rocking the rowing machine? Less of an issue.

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• This article was first published in The Scotsman on January 15, 2011