Gadget review: Supertooth Crystal, £49.99

What is it? A Bluetooth car speakerphone that links wirelessly to your phone for hands-free calls.

Cool. I need my hands for driving. Yes you do. But first, use them to attach the supplied clip to your sun visor and the Supertooth will attach magnetically.

Is that it? Can I chat now? Hold your horses. Press the call button on the Supertooth for a couple of seconds until a blue light starts to flash. Now it’s ready to pair with your phone. You do have a phone, don’t you?

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Yes. Can’t I just use it in speakerphone mode? No, because that’s a) a faff and b) legally questionable. With the Crystal, calls are easy to answer via a large button on the front, the sound is good, as is the microphone. The battery should last for a fortnight between charges. Can your phone match that?

Anything you don’t like? The USB socket is at the back, so it needs to be unclipped for charging. Also, the buttons are a bit firm, so your visor might swing all the way forward before the unit registers a press. Touch-sensitive buttons would be better. The clip can leave little dents on padded sun visors.

We’re running out of space... I’ll summarise then. The Supertooth Crystal is smart looking and intuitive. Ideal for anyone who doesn’t have a Bluetooth-compatible stereo.