Gadget: Kymera Magic Wand

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If you didn't see the Kymera Magic Wand on Dragons' Den, it is a Harry Potter-inspired infrared remote control with a difference. Instead of simply pressing buttons, you twist, push and tap the wand to change channels, adjust volume and a lot more.

The wand comes packaged in a velvet-lined box along with a large parchment-like instruction booklet. I was expecting to have immediate control of my TV, but discovered that that was far from the case.

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As the instructions remind you - this is not a toy, it is an instrument of control and you need to become an expert wizard or witch to use it. This isn't far from the truth. The wand is in Practice mode when you take it out of the box. It confirms correct movements with a gentle vibrating "heartbeat". Rotate the wand anticlockwise and it vibrates once, flick it upwards and it will vibrate three times. Execute a big swish for nine vibrations.

I found the wand surprisingly sensitive and after half an hour of waving it, I felt I was almost ready to battle Lord Voldemort himself. However, getting the movements right is only one part. Teaching the wand is the tricky part - first you have to hold the wand upright and double tap it sharply to get it into Teaching mode. I wanted to teach the wand to turn up the volume of my TV by rotating it clockwise. I twisted the wand and it vibrated twice signalling it understood. Then it started to pulsate rapidly - I pointed my TV remote at the wand and pressed the volume up button. I'd taken my first magical step in the path to wizardry.

Many wannabe wizards and witches will be spending Boxing Day training their wands. If you're up to the magical challenge, this is a quirky way to control your TV.

I felt I was almost ready to battle Lord Voldemort himself

This article was first published in The Scotsman on December 4, 2010