Four things you should know this morning

It’s never too early to learn something new, like how a task force are trying to turn sewage into power and which musicians are involved in charitable causes, plus a couple other things.
Carey Lander of Camera Obscura raised over £60,000 before passing away from a rare cancer earlier this year.Carey Lander of Camera Obscura raised over £60,000 before passing away from a rare cancer earlier this year.
Carey Lander of Camera Obscura raised over £60,000 before passing away from a rare cancer earlier this year.

How does a midge actually bite through skin?

It’s the one downside about any warm Scottish weather - the invasion of the midge. The blood sucking beasties are more than just a nuisance, and the bites can get quite painful.

Now scientists have discovered exactly how this pest bites - “like a jigsaw power tool”.

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The insect uses its head to gyrate and force its sharp jaws deeper into the skin, before sucking down on more than double their body weight in blood.

Musicians who give back

In the days of £70 gig tickets and lavish concerts, it’s hard to think any performer would have any time, money or energy to actually give back to their communities.

As the late Carey Lander’s fundraising campaign for osteosarcoma nears £70,000, we look at other songwriters who have made a difference.

When Camera Obscura keyboardist and backing singer Carey Lander passed away on October 11, tributes from around the world flowed in. Lander, who was born on England’s south coast, was a member of the Glasgow-based band for 13 years. In 2011, she was diagnosed with osteosarcoma, a rare and aggressive form of bone cancer, and was frustrated at how little progress had been made in treating the condition due to its relative rarity and lack of profile. The 33-year-old established a JustGiving fundraising page in the months before her death to support Sarcoma UK, the only charity in the UK dedicated to fighting it. To date, the appeal has raised more than £66,000.

How can Scotland become more green?

A new taskforce with people from backgrounds in academia, industry and the investment community have commissioned a long list of major low-carbon schemes it clams are needed if Scotland is to meet its environmental commitments by 2050.

Projects include high speed rail, community energy storage and even the ability to turn sewage into energy.

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Scotland’s Way Ahead – led by WWF Scotland – have asked the public for their say on which project they would support before the task force presents a shortlist of ideas to the Scottish Government, industry leaders and other decision makers early next year.

Being involved in the arts keeps you young

New research has shown that keeping active through involvement in the arts keeps mental and physical well-being in a more fit state as you age.

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Keeping active, both physically and mentally, helps you to increase your chances of having a healthier later life; yet older people’s involvement in the arts decreases with age.

A new festival, Luminate, is looking to change that by tapping into the talent of Scotland’s older people.

Whether taking part in an art workshop in Glasgow, trying a dance class in Edinburgh, listening to a ukulele band in Perth, visiting an author’s event in Dumfries or a storytelling performance in Sutherland, there really is something for everyone in every part of the country. I