Florence and the Machine film music video on Easdale

THE tiny inner Hebridean island of Easdale will be the dramatic setting for a music video by Florence and the Machine.

The isle of Easdale in the Firth of Lorn. Picture: Ian Rutherford
The isle of Easdale in the Firth of Lorn. Picture: Ian Rutherford

The band’s new single, Queen of Peace, is from their chart-topping album, How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful.

Glastonbury’s triumphant headliner spent four days on the 10-hectare, road- and car-free island, which is situated in the Firth of Lorn off Scotland’s rugged west coast and is accessible by a ferry that carries just 10 people.

Local islanders were drafted in as extras to feature alongside singer Florence Welch in the top-secret shoot.

GLASTONBURY, ENGLAND - JUNE 26: Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine performs on The Pyramid Stage during the Glastonbury Festival. Picture: Getty Images

They were facilitated by Edinburgh-based film and stills service production company LS, formerly Location Scotland.

The small island of Easdale doubled its population for the shoot as the 76-strong cast and crew filled accommodation to the brim over the shooting period.


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Islanders provided an extremely warm welcome for the film team, and as well as acting as extras alongside Florence, they also provided extra boats to help transport the crew and Florence off the island – on a journey that lasted only two minutes.

Bafta award-winning producer Sarah Drummond, head of LS Motion, said: “This was one of our more challenging shoots, mainly down to the logistics involved and the sheer remoteness of the location.

“The Easdale locals were truly outstanding, nothing was too much for them - not even sourcing extra boats to get the whole crew off the island, all in the middle of the night.”