Five of Scotland’s most influential YouTubers

YouTube stars invite members of the public into their lives to see how they live, hear what they think and snoop around their house and all for free. As YouTuber mania spreads across the country, we take a look at a few of Scotland’s biggest YouTube sensations.
Jamie Genevieve. Picture: YouTube.comJamie Genevieve. Picture:
Jamie Genevieve. Picture:


Yogscats Nilesy has racked up an impressive 640,000 subscribers posting videos of “cool and fun” indie games including Minecraft, FTL, Rogue Legacy and Papers. Actually known as Liam J. MacKay, from Edinburgh, Nilesy is one of Scotland’s most popular YouTube stars.

LIAM DRYDEN (134, 118)

Kate La VieKate La Vie
Kate La Vie

Uploading a selection of videos including ‘emergency gift guides’, ‘a guide to bad excuses’ and ‘hire me, I’m a crocodile’ has proved a hit for Scot, Liam Dryden. His videos have attracted 134,00 subscribers during his seven year stint on the video sharing channel.

KATE LA VIE (80, 449)

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Formally known as Gh0stparties, Kate La Vie, gives subscribes an insight into her life through her daily YouTube videos. Talking fans through her beauty and fashion choices has helped Kate gain her massive online following.


Jamie Grant is a makeup artist in Glasgow by day and YouTube sensation by night. Her makeup routines, hauls and ‘get ready with me’s’ have gained her an impressive following. Her looks have become so popular that people from around the country are trying to replicate her signature style.


Brendan MacFarlane found YouTube fame at the age of 11 after videos of him singing gospel and country songs hit the internet. Since then Brendan has kept his many subscribes up to date with original tracks and unique cover versions.