Explosions on Batgirl set in Glasgow as star Leslie Grace seen in costume for first time

Watch Leslie Grace dressed as Batgirl running from a burning building during filming in Glasgow.

Batgirl is currently filming on Parnie Street, Glasgow.

Leslie Grace and her Batgirl co-star Jacob Scipio are seen rushing out of a building as they filmed a high-stakes explosion scene in Glasgow on Thursday evening.

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The actress, 27, who is playing the lead role of Barbara Gordon in the upcoming film, donned the character's famous Batgirl costume for the scene in what is the first on-set glimpse of the costume.

Batgirl is filming in Glasgow

The pair fled the building before Jacob was seen falling to the ground after an explosion.

Dozens of crew members for the HBO Max project can be seen nearby as they filmed the evening scene.

The Batgirl movie will follow Barbara, the daughter of Gotham Police Commissioner James Gordon, played by J.K. Simmons, reprising his role from Justice League.