Where to watch The Zone of Interest - can I watch the Oscar winning Holocaust drama at home?

Sandra Hüller stars in The Zone of Interest.Sandra Hüller stars in The Zone of Interest.
Sandra Hüller stars in The Zone of Interest. | Contributed
The film has made history by becoming the first British film to with the Best International Feature.

The Zone of Interest is only British director Jonathan Glazer's fourth film in 25 years - following 'Sexy Beast', 'Birth', and 'Under The Skin'.

A tough watch, it follows the commandant of the Auschwitz Nazi death camp, Rudolf Höss, and his wife as they build a life of plenty for themselves and their five children directly next to the facility in which hundreds of thousands of people were murdered.

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The title of the film is taken directly from a work of fiction by British author Martin Amis on which it is loosely based, but that doesn't mean that what is seen on screen didn't happen - with much of the story historically accurate.

Here's how you can catch up with the film.

What Oscars did The Zone of interest win?

The Zone of Interest won two Oscars - for Best International Feature and Best Sound.

Can I watch The Zone of Interest at the cinema?

The Zone of Interest was released in British cinemas on Friday, February 2, 2024.

Interest in the film has grown since its original release and it returned to many screens in advance of the Oscars.

Now it is an Oscar winner expect it to be in many multiplexes to give people the chance to see it.

Can I stream The Zone of Interest at home?

The Zone of Interest isn't on any subscription streaming services but you can watch it at home - it'll just cost you a bit more that most of the Oscar winners.

It can be rented from a number of places, including Amazon, Apple TV, Google Play and Curzon.

It will set you back at least £14.99.

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