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The Scotsman film fanatics went for some classics this week, as give our reviews on Cineworld and their 4DX screenings of The Dark Knight and Poltergeist alongside this week’s big new movie releases.

Autumn really is the best time for the cinema.

With the nights getting darker, and the air getting colder, filmmakers know the best time to launch their new masterpiece is in September to October – and we have not been disappointed.

Not sure which films to catch this week? Don’t worry, as The Scotman’s self confessed film fanatics, myself and Dave Hepburn, are back to tell you what is hot and what is not on the big screen this week.

Did Cineworld's 4DX enchance our cinema experience? Cr: ROBYN BECK/AFP via Getty Images

After looking at a new of new big screen offerings a week ago, we’ve gone back in time a little and visited Cineworld for some special 4DX screenings and restorations of classic movies – as well as all the good new stuff.

However, first up is a the grimy new directorial debut from Owen Kline titled ‘Funny Pages’.


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The film follows a teenage cartoonist as he rejects the comforts of his comfortable, suburban life in search of inspiration. On his journey, he encounters an unwilling teacher and unwitting friend in Wallace, a former low-level comic artist.

This bizarrely funny coming-of-age story sees a teenage cartoonist as he takes the twists and turns of life in his misguided quest for real soul. Did we like it? Give it a watch and see what we thoughts.

Elsewhere, there’s reaction to Kevin Smith’s return to his classic Clerks franchise, as we discover is Jay and Silent Bob are gone for good – or back with a vengaence.

However, our big review of the week goes to ‘one night only’ horror, so-bad-it’s-actually-really-good metal film The Retaliators.

The film, which stars no less than a million (okay, maybe a few less) heavy metal stars follows an upstanding pastor who uncovers a dark and twisted underbelly of his city as he searches for answers to his daughter's brutal murder.

Terrible script, borderline hilarious acting and a Papa Roach cameo – Myself and Dave were huge fans of this film. Watch on to find out why.


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Elsewhere, I go back to the future as I review Christopher Nolan classic The Dark Knight, which returned to cinemas this week 14 years after its original release.

Starring the late, great Heath Ledger in his iconic role as the Joker, Cineworld opted to put Nolan’s legendary Batman trilogy back on the big screen, complete with 4DX to enhance the experience.

What is 4DX you may ask…

As described by Cineworld themselves, 4DX offers a new state-of-the-art film technology developed that delivers an immersive multi-sensory cinematic experience.

With 4DX, you are given a large, rather comfortable seat which moves in tandem with the movies and offers up environmental effects such as water, wind, fog, scent, snow and more, to enhance the action on screen.

Did I feel it enhanced my experience when I saw two cult classics this week? I reveal all in today’s show.


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