The Crow 2024: UK release date, full cast, soundtrack and plot of The Crow 1994 remake as new trailer revealed

The first trailer has been released for the remake of iconic 1994 the The Crow. Here's everything you need to know about The Crow 2024.

Despite its tragic circumstance, 1994 film The Crow has long been heralded as one of the most iconic comic book films of all time - and now it is getting a hotly anticipated remake.

Originally starring Brandon Lee, the original film was shrouded in tragedy after the actor was shot dead by accident on set when he was filming a scene and the revolver they were using was discharged with an improperly-deactivated cartridge and saw Lee lose his life.

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Despite the on-set tragedy, Lee's character Erin Draven and his performance in the film became that of legend with the film still held in extremely high regard. A remake has long been on the cards and now we have a trailer to gorge on, we can ready ourselves for one of 2024's biggest blockbuster.

Here's everything you need to know about the 2024 remake of The Crow.

The trailer for The Crow 2024 is available to watch here.

What is The Crow 2024 plot

Directed by Rupert Sanders (The Ghost In The Shell), the 2024 version of The Crow is said to thought to follow a similar plot line to the 1994 film which was originally based on the 1989 limited comic book series of the same name by James O'Barr.

For those unfamiliar with the film or the comic book series, The Crow is a character that is brought to life when a murdered musician by the name of Eric Draven is resurrected in order to avenge the death of both himself and his fiancée after they are brutally killed and abused in their own apartment.

The remake has had a number of directors, screenwriters and cast members attached to it with the likes of Bradley Cooper, Luke Evans and Jason Momoa were all cast as Draven during various points in development.

The Crow 2024 full cast

In the lead role of Eric Driven/The Crow will be Swedish actor Bill Skarsgård, with the Stockholm born 33-year-old reprising Brandon Lee role as the comic book character.

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Alongside him will be musician FKA Twigs, who will play Draven's romantic partner Shelly Webster in the film. There are also confirmed roles for Danny Huston (30 Days Of Night), Laura Birn (The Purge), Jordan Bolger (The Woman King) and Sami Bouajila (Ganglands) while both Isabella Wei (1899) and David Bowles (Underworld: Blood Wars) have been handed the roles of Zadie and Wickham respectively.

Dukagjin Podrimaj, Jim High, Paul A Maynard, Sebastian Orozco, Baha Chbani and Kim Girschner are also listed as stars in the remake of The Crow.

The Crow 2024 soundtrack

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One of the defining parts of the 1994 version of The Crow was its iconic soundtrack, which included popular rock artists such as The Cure, Nine Inch Nails and The Rollins Band - which has left many worried that the new soundtrack would pale in comparison,

However, early signs are positive with lead track 'Take What You Want' by Post Malone featuring Ozzy Osbourne and Travis Scott giving off peak 1994 The Crow vibes. Time to get excited!

When is The Crow 2024 released in the UK, The Crow 2024 running time and age rating

The Crow has a scheduled cinematic release date of June 7 2024, though its run time and age rating has not yet been confirmed. The film is expected to be given a wide release and launched across cinemas in the UK in the summer.



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