Terrifier 2: UK release date, how to watch Terrifier 2 in the UK, who is Art The Clown actor, BluRay and DVD release date

Cinema going have been reportedly fainting in theatres as the sequel to the gore-tastic Terrifier is launched in cinemas. Here’s how you can watch Art The Clown’s reign of pain in the UK.

Since its release in 2016, Damien Leone’s Terrifier has become one of the most successful and loved horror movies of the past decade – and now he is back for even more blood.

Made using a combination of private investment and an Indiegogo campaign that fans donated to, the highly-anticipated Terrifier 2 is set to hit screens in the coming weeks and looks bigger and gorier than ever.

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One of the most nightmarish and blood-soaked films in recent memory, the original movie from Leone was launched on a tiny budget and introduced audiences to a terrifying new horror villain by the name of Art The Clown.

Art The Clown returns in Terrifier 2. Cr: Signature ProductionsArt The Clown returns in Terrifier 2. Cr: Signature Productions
Art The Clown returns in Terrifier 2. Cr: Signature Productions

Backed by a creepy synth-led soundtrack, Art – a motiveless, sadistic, mass murdering mime – has grown into perhaps the most frightening clown in horror history, making even Stephen King’s Pennywise looks like a cute puppy in comparison.

Played by actor David Howard Thornton, the clown does not speak a word during the entire movie as he butchers, mutilates and chops his victims in half.

The movie is not for the faint of heart, but has delighted horror fanatics since its 2016 release, who demanded a sequel – a wish that has now been granted.

Terrifier’s sequel is set to see Art return to terrify more victims exactly a year after his first murder spree.

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Who is in the cast of Terrifier 2

The protagonist Art The Clown sees David Howard Thornton reprise his role as the villain.

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Alongside him will be Lauren LaVera as Sienna Shaw, Elliott Fullam as Jonathan Shaw, Sarah Voigt as Barbara, Kailey Hyman as Brooke, Casey Hartnett as Allie, Samantha Scaffidi as Victoria Heyes, Felissa Rose as Ms. Principe, Tamara Glynn as Shopping Mother and Nedim Jahić as Travis Bryan.

Terrifier 2 UK release date, runtime, age rating, how can I watch Terrifier 2 in the UK

Director Damien Leone was determined to not compromise on his vision for the film and it appears he has done as he promised with an epic runtime of two hours and 28 minutes.

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Unsurprisingly the movie has received an 18 certificate from the BBFC due to strong gory violence, injury detail, and very strong language.

It was given its cinematic debut at FrightFest in late August and reviews have been extremely positive.

The official release date for the film was October 6, 2022, and saw a limited theatrical release in the United States. However, that has been extended by a further two weeks after huge demand.

However, while the UK didn’t not get a cinematic release, there are several ways to watch Terrifier 2 in the UK right now.

Firstly, you can now purchase the DVD or BluRay after it was released on October 24 via Amazon here. Alternatively, it can now be stream via on iTunes/Apple TV, Sky Store, Virgin Media, Xbox Store and Rakuten TV. You can stream via all channels by clicking this link.