Tartan sheep to star in Come Dine With Me

A FLOCK of tartan sheep are set to star on hit TV show Come Dine With Me.

Picture: The Central Scotland News Agency
Picture: The Central Scotland News Agency
Picture: The Central Scotland News Agency

Andrew and Maxine Scott, 52, who own the Auchingarrich Wildlife Park in Perthshire, couldn’t believe it when the producers of the Channel 4 smash called them up after hearing about their sheep.

The film crew spent a day filming at the wildlife park, which has over 60 different types of animal, following the brightly coloured sheep.

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Mr Scott, 50, said that the TV crew members were “amazed” by what they saw.

The couple had only been called on Friday by the TV bosses, but quickly re-dyed the sheep’s coats in readiness for filming on Monday.

Mr Scott said today/yesterday [TUES] that he couldn’t wait to see his flock on TV, which will be in around three months time, when the Perthshire edition goes to air.

The show, which broadcasts daily at 5pm, sees five people go up against each other to see who can stage the best dinner party.

Mr Scott said: “On Friday we got a call from Channel 4 who said they had heard that we have tartan sheep and that they were the only ones in Britain.

“They told us they were filming Come Dine With Me in Perthshire and they wanted to come up and film the sheep.

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“They were here for a few hours filming, the whole crew were amazed by them.

“When we got the call we went out and re-did the sheep so they were looking their best for the TV.

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“The Channel 4 team really enjoyed themselves, they are a big attraction for us.

“We aren’t staring in the show ourselves, but the sheep will be used as an example of what is in Perthshire.

“I’m sure the sheep enjoyed the filming.”

The couple have a number of sheep, which are rotated to be the tartan ones.