Netflix's Stranger Things finale launches on the streamer July 1 (Photo by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images for Netflix)

Stranger Things Season 4: Here are the 10 highest rated episodes of Stranger Things - ranked by IMdB reviews πŸ”¦πŸš²

The finale of Stranger Things hits Netflix today, as we count down to the end of the hugely popular series. But which episodes of the supernatural horror hit are ranked the highest?

Almost six years after it first aired, Netflix’s Stranger Things has become one of the most loved television shows ever made – and the launch of part part of its fourth season and finale season has upped the ante even further.

Making overnight stars of the likes of Millie Bobby Brown and Finn Wolfhard, the supernatural hit show follows a gang of teenagers in the 1980s as they witness supernatural forces and secret government exploits combine to create a world like no other, known as The Upside Down.

With lovable characters, stylish cinematography and a playlist that throws back to the best 80s synth hits of all time, the show has built an million of adoring fans across the globe.

And with 32 episodes of the show now officially released, we thought we’d take a peek at which have proven the mot popular – and most important – how many of the brand new season four episodes make the list…

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