Scot Squad chief Cameron Miekelson to grill Scotland's political leaders ahead of General Election

Scot Squad's police chief is to subject Scotland's political leaders to a grilling in the run-up to the General Election.
The 'Policey Paxman' Cameron Miekelson is gearing up to interview Scotland's political leaders.The 'Policey Paxman' Cameron Miekelson is gearing up to interview Scotland's political leaders.
The 'Policey Paxman' Cameron Miekelson is gearing up to interview Scotland's political leaders.

BBC Scotland has revealed that Chief Commissioner Cameron Miekelson will be conducting "forensic interviews" with Nicola Sturgeon, Richard Leonard, Willie Rennie and Jackson Carlaw in a one-off programme next month.

The latest spin-off from the hit comedy show is expected to see Jack Docherty's character "share leadership notes" and even hand out campaigning tips to the four leaders of the SNP, Labour, the Liberal Democrats and the Scottish Conservatives.

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The new half-hour show, Scot Squad: The Chief's Election Interviews, has been announced three years after political interviews conducted by comedy character Gary Tank Commander went viral on social media.

A spokesman for BBC Scotland said: "The Scot Squad character is lining up political leaders in Scotland to answer some searching questions ahead of the General Election.

"His status as ‘Scotland’s Fairest Man’ makes him the ideal candidate to get the answers the public is looking for."

Scot Squad, a spoof BBC mockumentary on Scotland’s new national police force, has been a huge hit since it was first aired in 2014, with five series being made to date.

The one-hour election special, which sees the famously self-obsessed fgurehead billed as a "Policey Paxman," has been announced months after the chief was given his own spin-off travel series.

The three-part series The Chief Does Edinburgh saw him mocking The Proclaimers, Ian Rankin, Irvine Welsh and “Jakey Rowling”, describing Edinburgh Castle as a “fridge magnet motif”, poking fun at the royal family and making light of the 16th-century abduction of Mary, Queen of Scots.

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His attempts to outdo TV travel gurus Michael Palin and Michael Portillo saw him fall foul of best-selling crime author Ian Rankin when he attempted to pitch his own children's book, Cammy the Dog.

Ahead of the broadcast of the programme on 4 December, Miekelson declared: "I, Chief Commissioner Cameron Miekelson, the unbiased, politically neutral and completely above board leader of the Scottish Police force, am very excited to be making this election special for BBC Scotland.

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"Who knows, maybe being around the most successful public figure in modern history will rub off on the politicians in positive ways …? When it comes to the General Election, forget the polls and listen to the polis."