Prey For The Devil review, release date, cast, age rating and runtime of Halloween horror movie

Set to be one of the biggest horror releases this Halloween, here’s when you can see new possession horror Prey For The Devil and what we know about the movie so far.
Prey For The Devil is set to be this year's Halloween horror hit. Cr: LionsgatePrey For The Devil is set to be this year's Halloween horror hit. Cr: Lionsgate
Prey For The Devil is set to be this year's Halloween horror hit. Cr: Lionsgate

Cinemas across the UK has officially entered Halloween season, as the latest list of horror hits line-up to take their place on the big screen. Many have come and gone with much of a bump but this year a twist on the supernatural horror genre could be set to be spooky season’s second hit.

On the surface, Prey For The Devil seems to be a run of the mill, seen it all before exorcism movie that has maybe been done a little bit to death. However German film director Daniel Stamm may have just given the genre enough of a twist to ensure Prey For The Devil is this year’s unexpected horror hit. Following a global rise in demonic possessions, the film begins with the catholic church reopening its exorcism schools in order to train priests in the Rite of Exorcism.

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We are introduced to a Nun by the name of Ann who has been hounded by a demonic spirit throughout her life – a demonic spirit that also consumed and destroyed her mother. However, unlike previous possession/exorcism films, the demon that haunts Ann has the ability to jump from body to body and, after years of trying, finally centres its attention on the young Nun and becomes determined to ‘be let in’. Eek.

As the holy and the unholy take on a battle of wits, Ann is taken in by a professor that trains her in performing exorcisms, so she can save herself and others from the determined demonic spirit.

Prey For The Devil Cast

The main character of Sister Ann will be played by Jacqueline Byers (Roadies).

Alongside her will be Colin Salmon (Arrow) as Father Queen, Christian Navarro (13 Reasons Why) takes the roles of Father Dante, Lisa Palfrey (Sex Education) is Sister Euphemia and Nicholas Ralph (All Creatures Great and Small) is Father Raymond. Finally Virginia Madsen (Designated Survivor) stars as Dr. Peters.

The late Chariots of Fire actor Ben Cross is credited with a role in the movie, meaning it was his final role before his death in 2020. The film includes a dedication to him.

Prey For The Devil runtime and age rating

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Unfortunately for the filmmakers, reviewers have panned the film.

Austin Burke of Flick Fan Nation said: “The jump scares are conventional, the twists are obvious, and the finale is underwhelming” while Brian Orndorf from Blu-Ray-com added the film was “hopelessly stuck between a desire to terrify its audience and examine childhood PTSD, never achieving anything compelling along the way.”

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However, it isn’t all bad news for those of you who want to go see the film this week because, despite the critics scathing reviews, cinema goers have ranked it very highly, with film review site showing 88% of cinema goers rated the film highly – so go see it and make your own mind up!

Prey For The Devil Review

There aren’t too many reviews out yet, with the film yet to fully premiere, however, horror review site HorrorBrains gave the film a 3.5 out of 5. We’ll add more reviews as they come.

Prey For The Devil UK release date

The horror about demonic possession will be released in cinemas across the UK on October 28, 2022.

However, did you know the film has actually been delayed for 18 months? Previously, the film was handed the title The Devil's Light and was had a schedule release date for January 2021 – this was pushed back until to February 2022, but was shifted again to October 2022.

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