Megan Is Missing: Where to watch UK, is Megan Is Missing on Netflix, what is it about and how to watch

The 2011 horror ‘Megan Is Missing’ has been trending on social media. But where can you it watch it, and why has it caused controversy?

Megan Is Missing has caused controversy since its 2011 release, but has been trending on TikTok. Cr: Trio Pictures/Anchor Bay Entertainment
Megan Is Missing has caused controversy since its 2011 release, but has been trending on TikTok. Cr: Trio Pictures/Anchor Bay Entertainment

A controversial film released over a decade ago has been trending across social media sites over the past week.

The 2011 film, titled Megan Is Missing, has seemingly been rediscovered after a number of users on social media sites such as TikTok and Twitter posted their reaction to the controversial horror, which has left them feeling ‘traumatised’.

Similar to the iconic Blair White Project, the horror film is presented in a ‘found footage’ style, and revolves around the days leading up to the disappearance of popular Hollywood high school students by the name of Megan Stewart and Amy Herman.

Released to little fan fare, the film is directed by American filmmaker Michael Goi, who has since gone on to work on cult shows such as American Horror Story and The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina.

What Is Megan Is Missing about?

High school student Rachel goes missing after chatting online with a boy she has stuck up a relationship with, while her best friend Amy searches for answers, she also goes missing.

The film sees investigators assemble web-chat videos, home movies and news reports to highlight the importance of online safety for children. However, the found footage reveals a dysfunctional relationship with her mother and a previously unknown drug addiction, while the footage shows Amy seemingly reluctant to let go of her childhood and showcases a healthy relationship with her parents. Via the footage, Amy is seen to be a target for bullies.

Why are people posting about Megan Is Missing? Why is Megan Is Missing Controversial?

The low-budget movie was made with inexperienced actors and has received plenty of criticism since its release in 2011.

It has been panned by many critics due to the exploitative depiction of sexual violence. Many social media users have reaction with shock, saying the film is “traumatic” and made them “want to delete all of their social media and stare at a wall.”

The negative and shocked reactions have led to it trending on popular social media sites TikTok and Twitter, with many users filming their immediate reactions to the movie.

Originally made in 2006, it took Goi five years to find a film company to distribute the movie, though many found the subject of the film controversial, with one reviewer saying the film would be dismissed as “torture porn” due to its violent script.

Megan Is Missing is officially banned in New Zealand, with the country's Office of Film describing it as "objectionable."

Anyone planning to watch the movie is advised that is includes scenes of a distressing nature, including torture and violent imagery which you may find extremely disturbing.

Is Megan Is Missing a true story?

No. Megan Is Missing is not a real story, nor is it based on one specific tale.

Many viewers have believed the events in the film really happened due to the amount of found footage, and the fact the movie marketed itself as ‘based on true events.’

Despite its controversy, the film received praise for the real-life father of a 12-year-old girl who was kidnapped and killed in 1993, Marc Klaas.

Is Megan Is Missing on Netflix?

The film is not available on Netflix in the UK. However, you can rent Megan Is Missing on Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, and YouTube.