ITVX App: How to watch on freeview, how to get ITVX on smart TV, where can I watch Love Island All Stars

Here’s how to get ITVX on your television and how to watch the new season of Love Island.
Love Island All Stars kicked off this month, with former islanders returning to the villa for a second chance at love. (Credit: ITV)Love Island All Stars kicked off this month, with former islanders returning to the villa for a second chance at love. (Credit: ITV)
Love Island All Stars kicked off this month, with former islanders returning to the villa for a second chance at love. (Credit: ITV)

First launched in 2022, the release of ITV streaming service ITV X has proved to be a very shrewd move by the broadcaster.

Full of gritty TV crime, drama and popular reality shows, the UK public has helped ITVX become one of the biggest streaming services in the country and is used on TVs across the United Kingdom.

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Have you tried it yet? If not, here is everything you need to know about what ITVX has to offer and how to access it.

What is ITVX

ITVX is a streaming service which has been developed by the broadcaster and launched in 2022 across a number of platforms. ITVX was released in order to compete with other streaming apps such as Amazon Prime and Netflix, with a number of exclusive programmes available on the app.

Quickly developing into one of the biggest streaming services in the country, you can stream everything from Love Island to Irvine Welsh's Crime series via the app.

Best TV programmes on ITV - how can I watch Love Island All Stars?

A number of popular television shows launched on the streamer immediately after its release. Litvinenko was released upon the app's launch last year, which centres on the poisoning of former Russian spy Alexander Litvinenko in 2006.

However, if you're more a fan of trashy reality TV, then Love Island All Stars - and all previous seasons of Love Island - are currently available via the ITVX app. Each new episode of Love Island All Stars streams at 9pm weekly (apart from Saturday) and is able to viewed on ITVX either live, or on demand.

Irvine Welsh’s Crime has been one of the most popular in recent months, with the series available to stream on ITV right now. ITV X also recently launched Nolly and Georgia vs Bear, which follows Love Island icon Georgia Harrison and her battle against former lover and convicted sex offender Stephen Bear are also available on the ITVX app.

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Acclaimed dramas such as A Spy Among Friends starring Hollywood star Guy Pearce and Damien Lewis is also one of the highest rated shows on the streaming app. The broadcaster promised the streamer will launch several new original series on a weekly basis with a whopping ‘10,000 hours’ of content available.

How to get ITVX on smart TV, how to get ITVX on freeview, which channel is ITVX on freeview

The ITVX app is available on various platforms, with the ITVX app pre-downloaded and available on any model of Samsung Smart TV from 2016, an Xbox One/S/X or Xbox Series X/S, any Huawei device or Chromecast, a Roku TV/streaming service and NOW smart stick or box.

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Simply go to apps on any of the above devices and you will see you ITV Hub app has been upgraded to ITVX. You can also watch ITVX via your laptop by simply download the ITVX app from the website.

It is not available on Sky Q as yet, but can be accessed via Sky Glass and Sky Stream.

Is it ITVX free, do you need a tv licence to watch ITVX

Similar to Netflix, the streaming service will offer different tiers – although one key difference is that ITVX will offer a free option. However, that said, you need to be covered by a TV Licence to watch programmes live on any online TV service - such as ITVX, Channel 4, Amazon Prime Video, Now or Sky Go.

How much does ITVX cost, is ITVX free

ITVX offer a ‘ad-supported’ tier which is completely free of charge and will allow you to watch all the service has to offer for free, with adverts.

However, if you want an experience more similar to a standard Netflix subscription (without adverts), then you can subscribe to the premium service for £5.99 a month, or £59.99 annually. This option will also give you excess to additional shows and boxsets from BritBox.

What channel is ITVX on freeview, how do I get ITVX on freeview

It is not on a specific channel, but is available on your TV in the same way ITV Hub was available to freeview viewers. Freeview Play devices should see their ITV Hub app “transform” into ITVX, without needing to manually download a new app.

However, older TV models – for example any Samsung Start TV dating from 2016 backwards – will not be able to access ITVX. The same applies to YouView boxes and the new BT TV Pro 4K box.