Which film has been your favourite of 2021? Photo credit: Top: Getty Images/Canva Pro - Bottom: Shuttershock

Best films to watch 2021: The box office's 10 highest grossing movies of the year

After starting the year with their doors closed, cinema has roared back in 2021 with some sublime new releases.

Omicron may have added a few more restrictions, but thankfully for cinephiles, it hasn’t halted the big screen.

Rewind the clock backs a year and the thought of going to the cinema to see the latest release felt a million miles away.

Badly hit by the pandemic, a host of highly anticipated films were pushed back for 18 months – or longer – with cinema goers unable to enter the film theatre and see the red velvet curtain open owing to Covid-19.

However, cinema has been roaring back in recent months, with a number of big hitters finally gracing the big screen and the popcorn flowing once more at cinemas across the UK.

Looking to catch some of the best movies before the year ends? Here is a list of the box office’s top 10 highest grossing movies of the year.

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