Have yourself an alternative movie Christmas. Photo credit: Shuttershock.

Best Christmas film 2021: Here are 10 alternative Christmas movies to watch over the festive season

Tired of watching It’s A Wonderful Life at Christmas time? Then check out our list of Christmas(ish) movies to watch with the family this December.

The festive holiday. Yes, Christmas – it’s finally here. Leaving Mars Bars for Santa, carrots for Rudolph, drinking Bailey’s in front of a warm fire, watching It’s A Wonderful Life for the 49th time and replaying that Mariah Carey song which insists all she wants for Christmas is you – yes, you.

All a bit cliche isn’t it?

While many are hoping for a ‘more normal Christmas’ after a drastically un-normal one last year, some of us are looking for something alternative. Yes, December 25 is a lovely time to share presents, see family and drink Bailey’s, but do we really have to watch the same films we do every year?

So, if you’re looking for less snow angels and more frost bite, check out our list of the 10 best alternative Christmas flicks you which will give your festive day with the family a little more edge – and no, A Castle For Christmas is not included.

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