Great British Bake Off Live: Peter flies the flag for Edinburgh as the competition comes to a showstopping finale

Live updates of The Great British Bake Off final.

The Great British Bake Off Live
The Great British Bake Off Live

Follow along with us as series 11 of the Great British Bake Off draws to a close.

Great British Bake Off recap: the competition comes to a showstopping end as Edinburgh’s Peter takes the crown

Last updated: Tuesday, 24 November, 2020, 20:53

  • Series 11 comes to a close tonight
  • The final three contestants are set to battle it out to be the Great British Baker
  • Will Edinburgh’s Peter Sawkins take the crown, we’ll find out

Could Peter win the Great British Bake Off final 2020? The Edinburgh baker’s best GBBO showstoppers

All eyes will be on contestant Peter Sawkins during the Great British Bake Off final.

The Edinburgh student has become a national treasure with his calm demeanour, positive attitude and seriously good cakes.

Peter really is Scotland’s man of the moment due to his talented performance during the eleventh series of the show.

Could Peter win the Great British Bake Off final? The Edinburgh student's best bakes and showstoppers

Peter has said he will finish his university degree even if he is the winner of the series

Remember when Peter was just the boy from Edinburgh in the competition, before we all grew to know and love him?

When the competition first started he was nervous about his bread making and ‘artistic decoration’ but evidently, our boy Peter had nothing to worry about. 

Everything you need to know about Peter - the Scottish baker on The Great British Bake Off

The student said that his weaknesses involve “artistic decoration” and “bread making”

The Semi-Final: How did Edinburgh student Peter fare in the GBBO semi-final?

It was patisserie week and the judges made sure to make the contestants work for their place in the final. 

Peter was yet again titled Star Baker, while we lost Hermine, determining the three last-standing bakers that we will see fighting for the crown in just a few minutes time. 

The Great British Bake Off: How did Edinburgh student Peter fare in the GBBO semi-final?

There are just four bakers left in the tent, and the judges turn up the heat. Will mild-mannered Peter survive?

Here we go, the contestants get going on the first challenge

Eight ‘beautifully decorated custard slices’ are asked of the bakers this week in the first round. 

They all sounds fairly confident so far but we’ll see how long it lasts. 

Laura remembers the week where she forgot to press the ice setting on the ice cream machine fondly as she says she just ‘can’t afford’ for her custard slices not to set. 

‘This has shaped me’ says Peter about his experience on The Great British Bake Off

As he reflects on his time in the Bake Off tent, Peter sounds delighted to have spent his lockdown baking for Paul Hollywood and Prue Leith. 

He is recreating the Scottish dessert Cranachan, with two different types of cream including one with Whisky, for his custard slices. 

Peter creates a ‘Star Trek creature’ as Noel points out that his bake looks like something out of a horror film

Time is up on the first challenge as Laura pops her head in the freezer, naturally

By the looks of it, they all managed to get something out on the plate which is an excellent achievement. 

I would be inclined to argue that in the final every bake should be perfect and I have my doubts about some of those custard slices by the look of them, but I couldn’t do any better so i’ll reserve judgement until Paul and Prue get involved. 

Two out of three contestants wowed the judges in the first challenge

Peter has ticked every single box! They can see the layers and the pastry is flaky, just as Prue likes it. 

Dave also wowed with his custard slices, putting him in a good position going into the next round. 

Laura sadly had a bad morning according to Prue, but she hasn’t been deterred and is back and focused for the next challenge. 

This weeks technical challenge: Eight walnut whirls

There doesn’t seem to be too much panic in the tent just yet. 

All of the bakers seem to getting on alright, although nobody seems quite sure how thing the biscuit base needs to be. 

Thankfully Paul and Prue were on hand for the next step to instruct the bakers to ‘make marshmallow’. 

That’s it. 

Make marshmallow. 

The temperature is of course against the poor contestants as well, as it always seems to be. 

Nothing will distract Peter in this bake

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