Golden Globe winner Brian Cox: Everything about the Dundee actor who stars in HBO series Succession - and where else you’ve seen him

Scottish actor Brian Cox received Hollywood's recognition for his star turn as media mogul Logan Roy in Succession.

Brian Cox won the Golden Globe for best male actor in a television series - drama (Getty Images)
Brian Cox won the Golden Globe for best male actor in a television series - drama (Getty Images)

Speaking after he was awarded the Golden Globe for Best Actor in a Television Series (Drama), an emotional Cox revealed "I just never thought this would happen to me so I’m a wee bit shocked."

The Dundee born actor also underlined that he was approaching sixty years in the entertainment industry, in a career that has seen him play Hannibal Lecktor, a cheeseburger van owner from Broughty Ferry and Winston Churchill.

A childhood of poverty in Dundee

One of Brian Cox's most iconic roles was as Hannibal Lecktor in Manhunter (De Laurentiis Entertainment Group)

Cox's memories of Dundee were initially fond, describing the city as "a great community" in an ode to his place of birth for Scottish Field earlier this year.

At the age of eight, however, his perception of the city was dramatically altered when his father passed away, an event that "ruined the city" for Cox.


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His father's generosity meant that just "£10" was left behind for Cox and his mother following his death, according to the actor, dropping the pair "into poverty".

Much of his childhood would be a struggle, and with his mother being treated for mental illness with electric shock treatment, Cox was parentless for much of his youth.

In acting, however, Cox found an escape and a natural talent. Aged 17 and following a spell at Dundee Repertory Theatre, Cox joined drama school and voyaged on his acting career.

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His career initially began on stage, with performances as the titular character in Peer Gynt and Orlando in As You Like It.

At the turn of the 1960s Cox made his first TV appearance in The Wednesday Play and in 1971, after countless appearances on the small screen, Cox earned his first major film role as Bolshevik leader Leon Trotsky in Nicholas and Alexandra.


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A unique growling voice and a distinctive, rugged look has seen Cox become one of the most recognisable actors in Hollywood.

Perhaps his most iconic role was as cannibal criminal Hannibal Lecktor in Manhunter, described by Eye For Film author Amber Wilkinson as "a masterclass in moderation".

This performance has seen him become a reliable villain for Hollywood producers, earning him roles as William Stryker in X2, Agamemnon in Troy and Ward Abbott in the first two Bourne films.

The vocal supporter of Scottish independence has also turned out in Scottish epics Rob Roy and Braveheart as Argyle Wallace and Killearn respectively.

Bringing Hollywood to Dundee

Given his performances as Joseph Stalin and King Agamemnon earlier in his career, it perhaps isn't surprising that one of Cox's most assured performances has come as tyrannical media mogul Logan Roy in HBO's Succession.


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Heaps of praise has been stowed on the show, and indeed Cox, with Peter Aspden of the Financial Times describing the actor as the "beating, black heart of Succession".

Throughout his career Cox has always kept one foot in Dundee, notably performing as Cheeseburger van owner Bob Servant in 2013, and in Season 2 Episode 8 of Succession the son of Dundee's city took centre stage, with Logan Roy returning to his hometown to celebrate the 50th anniversary of his career.

The actor, who was rector of the University of Dundee from 2010 to 2016, reflected on his relationship with the city earlier this year, stating "On a personal level, [the city's] journey kind of mirrors my own fortunes; the good moments, the bad moments, the rejections."

"I feel at home here."