Glasgow Film Festival: Trailer launched for Scottish joyriding drama Run

Mark Stanley and Marli Siu in RunMark Stanley and Marli Siu in Run
Mark Stanley and Marli Siu in Run
A high-octane trailer has been unveiled for Scott Graham’s film Run, which promises to be one of the homegrown highlights of this year’s Glasgow Film Festival.

Inspired by the music of Bruce Springsteen, the film stars Mark Stanley (Game of Thrones) as Finnie, a 30-something worker in a Fraserburgh fish factory who, having taken on too much responsibility at a young age, now longs to return to the carefree, joyriding days of his youth.

His teenage son Kid (Anders Hayward) appears to have inherited his dad’s love of racing cars around town at night, and with his girlfriend Kelly (Marli Siu) already pregnant, Finnie fears that history is repeating itself.

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Then things shift up a gear when, unable to articulate his depression to his wife Katie (Amy Manson), Finnie borrows Kid’s car for an after-dark joyride.

Run is Aberdeen-born Graham’s second film after 2012’s Shell, the story of a girl living with her father in a remote petrol station in the Highlands, and 2015’s Iona, which starred Ruth Negga as a woman who takes her teenage son to the titular island of her birth so they can escape the fall-out of a violent crime.

Early reviews have described Run as “a fast and furious tale of life, love and forgotten dreams,” “astute and mature” and “a triumph.” The film screens at Glasgow Film Theatre on 1 and 2 March as part of this year’s Glasgow Film Festival, and it will be in cinemas nationwide from 13 March.