The best episodes of 90s TV series Buffy The Vampire Slayer as show turns 27

For those of us brought up in the 90s, Buffy The Vampire Slayer played a huge part in helping us grow up...
Buffy turned 27 earlier this week.Buffy turned 27 earlier this week.
Buffy turned 27 earlier this week.

Believe it or not, Buffy The Vampire Slayer turns 27 this week. One of, if not the most iconic television series for teenagers in the 1990s, the Scooby Gang led many of us through our adolescence.

Reminisce by looking at four of the best Buffy episodes ever made

Once More With Feeling

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A musical episode isn't exactly unique or original but Buffy's dance (literal) with the evil demon Sweet was done to perfection and allowed the episode to become one of the most acclaimed episodes the show ever made.

From Anya's 'Bunnies' to to the incredible climactic fight- and dance-off scene, Once More With Feeling was Buffy at its iconic best and is rightly remembered as one of the best episodes ever made, not just of Buffy but of television in general.


My personal favourite episode of the show, 'Hush' was the only episode ever to be nominated for Emmy Award. Introducing us to the alluring, suited and booted demons called 'The Gentleman', the episodes villains were dreamed up in local fairy tales and roamed from town to town and stole people voices in order to stop them screaming as they removed seven human hearts. Pretty gruesome stuff.

It also has one of the most hilarious moments in Buffy history...if you know, you know.

Band Candy

A simply hilarious episode that introduces us to father-like nerd and teacher/watcher Giles in his 'cool' younger years - complete with rolled up sleeves and smoking cigarettes after a chocolate bar is 'spiked' with a spell that sees Sunnydale's older generation transformed into the men and women they were in their teens.

True classic Buffy that is a genuine giggle throughout.

The Body

One of the toughest and most heart breaking episodes to watch, the episode was an almost perfect portrayal of grief as Buffy comes home to find her Mother, Joyce, dead on the couch.

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Viewers had becoming used to Sarah Michelle Gellar's character saving the world from the apocalypse, but when she was confronted with life's one certainly - death - viewers are forced to watch the series heroine deals with paramedics, shock and the awkwardness of friends who don't know how to approach the situation. Arguably, The Body is Buffy's most well made episode.

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