Brian from The Traitors in his own words: What the photographer from Glasgow had to say about the programme

Brian is one of 22 contestants battling to win a prize pot worth up to £120,000.Brian is one of 22 contestants battling to win a prize pot worth up to £120,000.
Brian is one of 22 contestants battling to win a prize pot worth up to £120,000. | BBC
We're taking a closer look at the Scottish contestants in the latest season of the BBC's popular reality show.

The Traitors is back - and once again 22 strangers will be locked in a spooky castle, split into Traitors and Faithfuls, then encouraged to lie their way to a £120,000 top prize.

The second series of the BBC hit show starts on Wednesday, January 3, and there will undoubtedly be countless twists and turns before we find out who will win the cash.

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One of those looking to enjoy a bumper payday is 33-year-old Glaswegian photographer Brian - one of three Scots on the show this year.

Here's what he had to say before entering the castle.

Why did you apply to be on The Traitors?

I watched the first series and, obviously, really enjoyed it. I like that it's different and it's a sort of mystery, whodunnit, type thing. I am also familiar with the format because every Christmas I play a game called Werewolves with my family which is quite similar. I also want to test myself. Whenever I’m watching TV, I always think “I could do that” even for shows like SAS: Who Dares Wins, although in retrospect I’d probably last two minutes and then start crying. I felt the same way when watching The Traitors and now I get the opportunity to see if I will be any good!

What did you think of the first series?

I absolutely loved it. I loved the twists and turns and there were moments that genuinely took me by surprise. Usually I get bored easily, but this felt very fresh. I also love watching people, finding out about them and seeing how they react to certain situations; I used to watch Love Island for that reason. When I'd tell friends at football that I watched it they’d take the mick out of me, but I'd tell them that it’s not about the daft games, it’s about the politics and how people react in new situations.

Was there anyone’s game plan you admired?

Wilfred was really fantastic. Although near the end, it got to him and he crumbled a bit. Choosing Kieran to be a Traitor, I don’t think he should have done that and he could have got to the end with someone else. But he played the part really well, his acting was great. Amanda also played really well because she was herself and was everyone's friend. That's what I'm going to try and do I think, be in the middle of everyone. Be outgoing, but not too outgoing. Be outspoken but not too outspoken... if I can.

What do you think you'll bring to the game?

I'm wanting to go for the experience, so I really am going to enjoy myself. I don't take life too seriously so won’t take anything to heart. It's easy for me to say that now because I'm not there yet! I’ll be trying my hardest in the missions to win the money, I always try as hard as I can. This might sound big-headed, but I think I'll be quite entertaining because I'll just be mucking about. I think the fact that I don't take life too seriously will allow me to bring a little bit of light heartedness to a situation if there's anything crazy happening.

Do you have a game plan?

My game plan is to not have a game plan and take everything as it happens. I don't know what I'm going to be yet so can't have too much of a game plan as it might change. If I'm a Traitor, I’ll need to forget that I’m a Traitor. I've got a bad memory, so I'll make sure I take notes all the time. Looking at other people's game plans and trying to break down other people's strategies. At night I'll be a crazy man scribbling but during the day I'll just take everything as it comes. If I have too much of a game plan and it gets thrown off course, I'll think, “Well what the hell do I do now?!” So, literally just take things as they come really.

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Do you think you’ll be good at the missions and what strengths do you think you might bring to them?

Yeah, I’m excited to do those. The physical team challenges, like last year's barrel challenge, I'd be really good at. I'm not necessarily a leader or a follower, I'm kind of in-between. I think it's because I'm bossy, but I don't like to be held accountable – I've actually never said it like that before. I'm confident enough in my ability, but maybe overconfident. I'm definitely driven, and I can push myself to do things.

If you are a Traitor, how do you think you'll feel?

I'd love it because I would then be more in control of my fate. It would mean that I'd be on the show for longer, which would then mean I'm in with a better chance of genuinely having the full experience – there's more chance of getting to the final. Although I do think that there's more chance of winning if you're a Faithful, but if I get the touch on the shoulder, I'd be absolutely buzzing. I really would be.

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Would you say you’ve got a good poker face?

My face kind of says it all. I've never played poker before, I've always wanted to play as I'd love to see how I’d be. I’ve played card games with family and had to lie about what hand I've got, and people have said “We know you're lying.” But that's because it’s a silly game. With higher stakes I'd like to think I'd have a good poker face. Although, if someone was talking to me one on one and called me out, not around the table, I think I'd panic and not know what to do to play it off. So, I do think I've got a good poker face but I might crumble under the pressure!

If you are a Traitor, how far are you prepared to go to win the game?

You have to think of it as a game, you may need to throw someone under the bus at some point. Even when I was watching series one you see that you might have to take out one of your friends so that others think “Well, he would never do that”, sometimes it needs to be done. It’s hard to say at this point because I don’t know how it’s all going to work and who everyone else is.

How good are you at spotting a liar?

I think I'm OK. I think I’d be good at it but then watching series one I remember lots of things Tom was saying and doing made it look like he was a Traitor, and he wasn’t. So, things like that would totally throw me off. Even when I was watching, knowing he was a Faithful, I understood why everyone thought he was a Traitor. I do think I'd be good at spotting liars, but you just never know what everyone is going to be like.

If you are a Faithful, what qualities do you think you're going to need to make it through to the final?

I think you need to be hyper aware of how you're acting, but I guess this can be a positive or a negative. So not be too forthcoming, but also not being too quiet because if you're too quiet people might think that you're nervous and you're a Traitor. If you’re too forthcoming that can actually show that you are a Traitor as well, firing out accusations all over the place. Trying hard during the missions too because everyone will want to win as much money as possible. I think the main things will be being very aware of how I’m acting to other people, observe others and take notes when I'm alone at night like a mad man!

If you win the prize money, what do you think you'll spend it on?

Nothing too crazy, but I’d definitely take my girlfriend and her family away on holiday. They took me away on two holidays a few years ago and that was really lovely because I'd never had a holiday like that before and I'd love to do that again for them. I’d also like to put money towards the house as well.

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