These 10 comedies are the highest rated on Netflix UK, according to Rotten Tomatoes reviews. Cr: Netflix.

Best comedies on Netflix UK: 10 of the most highly rated comedy films on Netflix

If you’re needing some light-hearted entertaiment, these 10 films come highly recommend by film review site Rotten Tomatoes.

Maybe Netflix didn’t have the start to 2022 they wanted, but they are certainly ending it strongly.

It was reported that January marked the first time the platform had lost subscribers in over a decade, but a host of excellent new movies and TV series have seen them storm back to prominence in the streaming world.

Amongst those new films added to the streaming service had been a number of classic – and newly released – comedies that will guarantee belly laughs a plenty.

So if you’re searching for your next Netflix side splitting comedy, these 10 Netflix films are sure to hit the spot.

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