10 of the most memorable Friends moments

AS Friends fans everywhere rejoice at the confirmation of a long-awaited reunion '“ a one-off NBC special '“ we take a look back at some of the most memorable moments of the much loved series

The cast of Friends

When Rachel and Ross were on a break

Having harboured an undying love for Rachel Karen Green since she was in high school, Ross finally got his girl in season tw and viewers were able to breathe a (short-lived) sigh of relief. After deciding to take a ‘break’ in season three, Ross gets together with “the hot girl from the Xerox place” and never manages to live it down. Does it count if they were on a break? We’ll never know.

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When everybody finds out about Monica and Chandler

Watching the gang find out about Monica and Chandler made for such good television because deep down we were all as equally as shocked as them. After the secret gets out, Phoebe decides to call their bluff and ask Chandler on a date, making for one of the most memorable yet awkward scenes of the whole show.


Red Ross makes an appearance when Rachel and Chandler try and help him move a couch into his new apartment. After demanding everyone try “PIVOT!”, Ross is forced to admit defeat and cut the couch in two.


Ross tries to teach Phoebe and Rachel a lesson in self-defense through the art of Unagi. Of course, the whole thing backfires and ends in Ross attacking – and then being attacked by – two unsuspecting blondes outside Central Perk.

When Phoebe gives birth

Weirdly-wonderful Pheebs decides to become a surrogate for her brother Frank Jr and ends up giving birth to triplets. Watching her say goodbye to three babies she’d carried for nine months makes for one of the most touching and emotional moments in the show’s history.

When Ross says the wrong name

Ross ‘The Divorce Force’ Gellar kicks into action the second of his failed marriages after saying the wrong name during his wedding vows to English bride Emily. As the words ‘take thee Rachel’ fell from his mouth, jaws dropped around the world. Sadly, this wasn’t the rebirth of Ross and Rachel’s relationship but the start of a very long and exhausting road to win Emily back.

Smelly cat

All of Phoebe’s terrible yet catchy songs made for some memorable moments. From Paper Mache Man to The Woman Smelled Like Garbage and Sticky Shoes, her songs never failed to amuse. The most memorable of her back catalogue is Smelly Cat which makes regular appearances throughout the series and remains a fan favourite.

When Joey and Rachel kiss

After being embroiled in a will they/won’t they storyline for the such a long time, when Rachel and Joey finally kiss, viewers were left in a state of shock. Would they ever work as a couple? What about Ross? Is this the end of Ross and Rachel? There was so many questions! The pair’s first kiss sparked a whole new awkward relationship for them, changing the group dynmaic forever. Ross was, of course, fine about the whole thing...

When Will came to Thanksgiving

Friends has never been short of a cameo or two but none more exciting than Brad Pitt. Brad plays Will, Ross’s best friend from high school, founding member of the ‘I hate Rachel club’ and owner of Phoebe’s heart. The fact that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were married at the time the episode was filmed makes it that bit funnier.

The last one

The final episode of the series is arguably one of the best. We see the chick and duck make a comeback; Phoebe and Mike decide to have a baby; and Monica and Chandler become parents. Best of all, Ross and Rachel finally get back together. After a few tense moments of wondering whether she got off the plane, fans are rewarded for their commitment to the relationship.