Fashion Q&A: Araminta Wraith, ballet dancer

BALLET dancer Araminta Wraith opens up on her life in clothes

Araminta Wraith

What’s the last piece of clothing you bought?

Two pairs of Nike trainers on the same day. One pair is white and grey and the others are in a dark pattern. They look great and are super comfy, especially after you’ve been wearing pointe shoes all day.

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What are you addicted to buying?

I have lots of clothes because I like a lot of different styles. Sometimes I do the girly grungy thing and sometimes I look like I should be in a hip hop video.

Best ever bargain?

Byres Road in Glasgow has the best charity shops ever. I got an awesome faux leather jacket from the shop Vintage Guru on Byres Road a while ago.

Who has great style?

Gwen Stefani because it is so diverse. She can throw on anything and it looks great.

Name your favourite high street shop.

I could spend my whole salary in Urban Outfitters.

Any fashion disasters you’d care to tell us about?

When I was at school we had to wear character dance shoes instead of our party shoes to the school disco and it was awful.

What’s your favourite item in your wardrobe?

A red beanie hat from Urban Outfitters that I can’t take off at the moment as it is getting so cold – the Glasgow winter is really setting in. n