Fashion entrepreneur Jade Holland Cooper on her Scottish influences

Jade Holland Cooper, founder of luxury British lifestyle brand Holland Cooper, talks about her new store in Edinburgh, plans for expansion and her love of Scottish materials.

Jade Holland Cooper. Picture: submitted
Jade Holland Cooper. Picture: submitted

Designer Jade Holland Cooper, aged just 31, has taken her brand from a niche gap in the market to a multimillion pound business going from £0-£10 million in 10 years.

Holland Cooper are long-time supporters of Scottish manufacturing, championing the use of Scottish wool mills over manufacturing abroad. They are also one of the biggest buyers of Scottish tweed and wool in the UK – last year purchasing over 80,000 metres.

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We caught up with Jade at the Royal Highland Show.

Picture: Holland Cooper

Why is your fashion is a good fit for the Royal Highland Show?

The Royal Highland Show (RHS) was our first venture into Scotland and now we have a store at 10 Multrees Walk in Edinburgh.

We are championing Scotland and Scottish materials such as tweed and wool so the RHS has always felt like a good fit for what we do.

The reaction we get here is great. People bring their friends to see us and tell us that they save all year round to buy our products. It's great to create something that people are so passionate about.

Picture: Holland Cooper

Why did you chose Edinburgh as a location for one of your stores?

The second year that we were in business I went to Edinburgh and said that one day I will open a store here.

We source a lot of our materials from Scotland and love the heritage of materials such as tweed so having a retail presence here felt like the right thing to do.

Our franchise partners in Edinburgh, Nadia and Murray Alexander, have done a fantastic job in getting the Holland Cooper store up and running and they will also be setting up a new store soon in St Andrews and one in Glasgow in October.

What are the influences on your designs and how do you come up with your ideas?

I always keep my eyes open for new ideas and think about what no one else is currently doing.

Once an idea comes to me I immediately put pen to paper.

I am constantly thinking of ways that I can develop and evolve our collection.

Our style is drawn from the Savile Row and equestrian traditions.

Describe your style in three words?

Creative, fun and original

Describe the style of your women's range compared to your men's range?

Our menswear range is slightly more classic and I create styles that I know men are going to understand.

We have not been as adventurous in our men's range compared to our women's collection however there are still some wacky elements.

For a beautiful men's coat that's made in the UK - we are the 'go to' shop.

You are a big supporter of Scottish wool and tweed, what it is you find so appealing about these materials?

They are incredibly versatile and are such beautiful materials to work with. Their history and heritage ties in nicely with what we are all about.

I love mixing and matching materials to create a different effect. For example, we use cashmere to feminise tweed.

What would one piece of advice would you give to someone who has an idea for a fashion business?

I would say go for it but make sure that you have a niche market and understand the DNA of the concept that you are creating.

You need to own a space that is not being used at the moment.

People will give you plenty of advice, some good and some bad, but keep focused on your own goals and journey.

I am a firm believer that most problems can be over come by dogged determination.

You can follow Holland Copper on Instagram @hollandcooperclothing and the company website can be found at .