Falkirk Media men mark ten top years of challenging the powers that be

In this age of trumped up titans, ponderous politicians and insipid celebrities you need your favourite bands to make more than just music.

Falkirk's politically active and socially responsible punk rockers The Media Whores

You need them to take a stand and actually create songs which have something to say about the state of the world we are currently living in.

Falkirk band The Media Whores have been doing just that for the last ten years and they have decided to document this fact by releasing a compilation of their politically charged and socially aware compositions entitled A Decade of Defiance.

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Not a band to look back at past accomplishments, The Media Whores’ mission to drive forever forward is exemplified by the inclusion of three brand spanking new tracks – Cold War, Money and Big Pharma.

The Media Whore’s ethos is plain to see just by clocking the front cover of the album, which is released today (Thursday). Slogans like “I Hate Nazis”, “Stop Making Stupid People Famous”, “Dump Trump”, “Tories Out”, the Woody Guthrie gem “This Machine Kills Fascists” and Joe Strummer’s forever hopeful “The Future is Unwritten” set out their stall in no uncertain terms.

And the music contained within backs up their creed loudly and proudly as Craig Anderson (vocals/guitar), Chris McArthur (guitar/vocals), Doogie Mackie (bass/vocals) and

Andy Russell (drums) power along the pile driving – but catchy as a hangnail – music so the razor sharp lyrics leave their mark.

There are tons of tunes – three full albums and an EP worth – to choose from and they all have plenty of sonic invention which helps the band get its message across – if what they are trying to say stays in your head then that’s half the battle.

Four tracks from debut 2010 LP Starfishing – The Girl From Alldays, Time, Indiscretion and Predators – stand side by side with four cuts from 2013’s Pornophonica – World at War, King Kong, Affluenza and Black January – and shoulder to shoulder with five dynamite ditties from 2016’s Mercury Prized nominated Dangerous Minds – Vinyl Head, Zombies in Mayfair, Black Widow, Can’t Say Whore on the Radio and Do You Think I’m Lying.

These album packing crackers are complemented by single and EP releases including Frack Off and Class War.

A Media Whore’s spokesbloke said: “You may already have heard the new tracks if you are a regular Whores fan – the songs effortlessly sit side by side with the classics of their back catalogue.

“The band forge a path all of their own with their punk rock roots forming the base for their own unique sound, adding elements of rock ‘n’ roll, jazz, rockabilly and swing.”

You can see The Media Whores break into their lively music vault at the Lochar Inn, in Dumfries, on April 20 and supporting pop punk princess Toyah in Dundee on April 26 and Inverness on April 27.

Visit www.facebook/TheMediaWhband for more.