Ex-Saturdays star Frankie Bridge talks personal style and fashion fails

A few things become immediately clear when you look at Frankie Bridge's Instagram: She adores her two very cute boys, she knows how to smash a workout, and her outfits are always on point.

Former Saturday's star Frankie Bridge. Pic: PA Photo/Joe Sinclair.
Former Saturday's star Frankie Bridge. Pic: PA Photo/Joe Sinclair.

Having been in the limelight since she was a pre-teen – as a singer in S Club Juniors and then in The Saturdays – Bridge has had plenty of time to hone her personal style.

She’s instantly recognisable for her pixie crop haircut, and her aesthetic is just as edgy. We spoke to the star about her love of fashion, and how her style has changed now she’s chasing after two toddlers.

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Her relationship with fashion

Growing up in the entertainment industry it perhaps comes as no surprise that Bridge has an interest in clothes.

“Fashion comes as part of my job really,” she says. “I’ve always been interested in fashion, even when I was younger I always loved dressing up and trying new things – it’s always been fun.”

How she describes her style

While fashion has a reputation for being inaccessible and exclusive at times, it’s not how Bridge sees it.

When asked how she would describe her style, she says with a giggle: “It depends on what day you ask me!

“I’m one of those people who feel uncomfortable if I feel like I’ve made too much of an effort,” she says. “I like to look like I’ve just rocked up... whether or not I’ve pulled that off every time, I don’t know!”

Bridge’s style has certainly grown up a lot since her girl band days. “I’m not ridiculously girly,” she says. “I like everything to have a bit of an edge to it.

“I’m last minute at everything, which includes what I’m going to wear. I’d 
love to be one of those people that can plan it the night before, but I just don’t know how I’m going to feel in the morning, so I can’t be that organised.”

How it’s changed since she’s become a mum

Not only has Bridge switched lanes from singing to doing more TV presenting, she’s also gone through another major life change, becoming mum to Parker, four, and Carter, two.

“Since becoming a mum I’ve definitely got lazier with my style,” Bridge says. “When I’m not working and I’m just with the kids, I literally live in gym wear.”

Luckily for Bridge, fashion trends have shifted to become more dressed down – just look at the increasing popularity of athleisure and trainers. “I used to live in four-inch heels and now it’s alright to wear trainers – it’s perfect.”

High street vs high end

Even though she’s not exactly your girl-next-door, you won’t see Bridge permanently in designer garb.

“I get really bored really easily, so I tend not to feel like there’s loads of point splashing out loads of money on one skirt because I’ll probably be over it in a couple of months,” she says.

Sounds logical if you ask us, but she does still have the odd designer splurge. Bridge’s weak spots are staples like coats, shoes and handbags. Take her Gucci loafers: “They’re just so comfortable, they don’t give you blisters, and they look nice, but they’re flat, they’re just the perfect shoe.”

What she thinks of current trends

When asked what her favourite current trend is, she’s absolutely stumped. “I can’t even think of one, that’s how uncool I am,” she moans, before eventually settling on trainers.

Funnily enough, she finds it easier to think of a trend she doesn’t like. “I see a lot of clashing prints and it’s just not for me,” she says. “It’s one of those things that looks really cool on other people, but when I try and do it myself, I just look like I got dressed in the dark.”

Her biggest fashion fails

The Noughties wasn’t exactly a golden age for fashion. Most of us can banish our terrible sartorial choices to our family photo albums, but Bridge isn’t so lucky as an ex-S Club Junior.

“Pretty much everything we wore were fashion fails,” she says. “We did a lot of double denim for a really long time. There was a lot of flares going on for me.”

Then again, we are all guilty of having rocked double denim or dodgy flares in the Noughties, right?

Frankie Bridge has teamed up with Marvin Humes to support Superdrug’s #FeelSuper campaign, to raise funds for Marie Curie