Scotland’s first ‘rage room’ where you can smash up a room with weapons is coming to Glasgow

Would you want to try out the rage room? (Photo: Escape Rooms Scotland)
Would you want to try out the rage room? (Photo: Escape Rooms Scotland)
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Have you ever had such a bad day that you feel like smashing up a whole room would make you feel better? Well now is your chance to do just that.

A Scottish business, is giving customers the chance to work out all their frustrations in life by taking a baseball bat to the TV, following the success of their other activities such as axe throwing and escape room events.

What is a ‘rage room’?

You’ll be presented with a choice of weapons, including baseball bats, sledgehammers and crow bars and you’ll be set free to do as much damage as you can.

The room will be filled with a variety of smashable objects, like plates, computers and TV's.

Groups will be limited to six people per session, and members will be instructed to stay behind a safety line whilst one or two people wreck havoc.

You’ll also be able to choose your own playlist to break stuff to, so you can rock out whilst smashing stuff up.

Of course safety is priority when it comes to destruction, and people will be kitted out in boiler suits, masks, gloves and body armour to keep patrons from getting injured.

Where is the Rage Room?

The Rage Room is brought to you by Escape Rooms Scotland in their Glasgow branch.

Located at 72 Hydepark St, they also offer a variety of puzzle escape rooms as well as axe throwing.

Speaking to Glasgow Live, director David Torrence said: “So many people have built up rage in their days and they don't release it. It just builds up - a lot of people will be dying to do this!"

Escape Rooms Glasgow have already had success expanding beyond just puzzles with axe throwing.

Rage Rooms are already popular across the Atlantic and Torrence thinks Scots too will be ready to vent their frustrations with a bit of fun, adding: “We think people who love that will love this - it’s huge in the US and Canada.”

How much does it cost?

There are three packages on offer - one at £50, £70 and £90, depending on how much stuff you and your pals want to trash.