Edinburgh Video Guide: ‘Wee Edinburgh’

It’s Edinburgh but not as we know it thanks to some technical wizadry from the team at Edinburgh Video Guide.

Picture: Edinburgh Video Guide
Picture: Edinburgh Video Guide

The video was created by Rury Mason using a technique called ‘tilt shift’ which is a combination of technique and optical illusion.

Rury said: “You’ll notice, the vast majority of the content in the video is shot from at distance, from above, and looking down at an angle.

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“Combine this with the tight focus on a central part of the shot, and the subsequent blurring of the rest, and what you’re left with is a shot that tricks the eye into thinking it’s looking at a model. For added effect, I speed the content up around 30%, which gives the people and vehicles a toy-like movement and quality. Then I boost the saturation on all the content, so that the colours become brighter and more like plastic.”

Picture: Edinburgh Video Guide

Over the coming months we’ll be showcasing their work which showcases the Capital’s landscape, history and heritage from a unique perspective.

More videos from Edinburgh Video Guide can be found on their website and they can also be found on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.