Theatre review: Zombie Zoo, Hill Street Theatre, Edinburgh

A refreshingly serious take – mostly, anyway – on the walking dead, Kevin Short’s two-hander takes place in an underground facility where chemically-infected zombies are incarcerated.

Zombie Zoo, Hill Street Theatre (Venue 41)

Zombie Zoo, Hill Street Theatre, Edinburgh * *

Attempting some sub-Pinteresque dialogue (albeit with added grunting) a balaclava-clad soldier (Short) interrogates a ghoul (an unusually committed Dominic McHale) aiming to “rehabilitate” him.

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As increasingly goofy filmed inserts act as scene breaks, this actually goes somewhere almost satisfying before collapsing in a spectacularly flat zombie invasion and a can’t-quite-believe-your-eyes closing song-and-dance number that makes all McHale’s good work look like a wasted effort.

Until 25 August