Theatre review: Things I Never Told You, Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh

Last year, Dutch writer-performer Tim Honnef (or Jonas Muller - we think they’re the same person) was forced to cancel his Fringe show after a few days due to illness.

The Things I Never Told You, Assembly Rooms (Venue 20)

Things I Never Told You, Assembly Rooms, Edinburgh * * *

That much is true. Probably. But Honnef is one of the most adept on the Fringe when it comes to the increasingly popular game of keeping the audience guessing.

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This show - ostensibly the story of what happened in the intervening year, about his illness, recovery, and a lonely neighbour who leaves him a box of treasured possessions - could be any mix of truth or fiction. Honnef - who seems to be reading his script, rather shakily at that (but there might be a reason for this as well) - insists it’s all true, and keeps checking back in with us to see if we still believe him.

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This relentless game-playing is either thrillingly postmodern or deeply frustrating. However, the idea of a cache of books, albums and videos none of which seem ever to have existed takes a Borgesian grip on the imagination. As twist follows twist, one has to admit that even if it’s all a shaggy dog story, it’s a damn fine one.

Until 25 August