Theatre review: Tea?...(With Milk), theSpace @ Surgeons Hall, Edinburgh

Two likeable young women tackle sexism with comic anecdotes, tea and chat in this loosely constructed but upbeat little show.

Tea?...(With Milk), theSpace @ Surgeons Hall (Venue 53)

Tea?...(With Milk), theSpace @ Surgeons Hall, Edinburgh * *

Can women rape men? What counts as misogyny? What if you like being looked at? What if you don't?

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The dance and physical movement pieces are a more theatrical way of dramatising the issues than the amiable but, at times, overly literal conversational dialogue. It's a piece that has lots of ideas, but could do with a stronger focus. However, an audience member writes "bold" and "brave" on the performers' bodies in a sequence at the end, which is also true.

Until 24 August