Theatre review: Intolerable Side Effects, ZOO Southside, Edinburgh

It takes a lively mind to come up with the idea of combining rabbit behaviour and clowning techniques to explore the adverse issues surrounding contraception but Lecoq-trained artist Claire Parry throws herself into the enterprise as bouncing bunny Diane in this sweetly hand-crafted show.

Intolerable Side Effects, ZOO Southside (Venue 82)

Intolerable Side Effects, ZOO Southside, Edinburgh * * *

Diane has decided that she isn’t ready for a bunny in the oven and is assured that as long as she uses vegetation separation, the leporine dating scene is hers for the taking. All she has to do is munch on celery, forever.

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Parry is a lithe and precise mime, bounding around the stage with infectious glee, before the tremors and impediments set in. She has a furry bumbag for a tail, a tiny rabbit cuddly toy for a self-absorbed smoothie of a boyfriend and an elastic repertoire of expressions to convey Diane’s changing moods, from cautious optimism to tired frustration to comedy outrage as she vents to a rabbit agony aunt.

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Parry’s purpose in tackling this subject matter from such an unexpected tangent is never entirely clear but the results are endearing and certainly in the exploratory spirit of the Fringe.

Until 26 August