Theatre review: Hearty, Summerhall, Edinburgh

“Respectable people don’t lead revolutions,” says the figure before us.

Hearty, Summerhall (Venue 26)

Hearty, Summerhall, Edinburgh * * *

Neither, we are told as the piece progresses, do governments or brands.

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In the world of Hearty, easy sloganeering will not make everything all right, so the resistance will have to take charge of its own messaging. The one chosen is the confrontational “lop your dick off”, which the character wears on a T-shirt; although what if she means not “your dick” but “THE dick”, a metaphor for the rampant and toxic patriarchy which she believes to be threatening the world and her people.

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The experimental tone of the piece us hard to penetrate, relying on a stylised repetition, but the bitter anguish of being hunted is palpable.

Until 24 August.