Theatre Review: Gilgamesh & Me, Paradise in Augustines

Gilgamesh & Me, Paradise in Augustines, EdinburghGilgamesh & Me, Paradise in Augustines, Edinburgh
Gilgamesh & Me, Paradise in Augustines, Edinburgh
If you’re looking for a myth, they don’t come much bigger than Gilgamesh, the hero-king of Mesopotamian mythology.

Gilgamesh & Me, Paradise in Augustines, Edinburgh ***

There’s just no stopping him, this symbol of drinking, fighting virility, and no woman in his city of Uruk is safe. So the gods make Enkidu, a wild man to match his strength and appetites, and when the two fail to beat one another to a pulp, they fall into a doe-eyed bromance. The only problem is that this throws Ishtar, goddess of love, into a frenzy of jealousy, and that has serious consequences.

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This is brought vividly and irreverently to life by the young cast of Babolin Theatre Company, from Hills Road Sixth Form College, Cambridge, with few props other than a length of brown paper – which serves as puppet material, cuneiform tablets and a beautiful bull’s head.The 12 performers throw themselves into Richard Fredman’s witty rhyming script, mixing physical theatre, fine singing and a generous helping of humour. And one of the oldest human stories gets a bright, energetic dusting off for a new generation.SUSAN MANSFIELD

Until 10 August

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