Theatre review: Fires Our Shoes Have Made, C Aquila, Edinburgh

Peachy keen young company Pound of Flesh are keen to grab their piece of the gig theatre pie and this contemporary verse is their entry to a crowded, clamorous field.

Mental, Greenside @ Nicolson Square Lime Studio (Venue 209)

Fires Our Shoes Have Made, C Aquila, Edinburgh * *

Fires Our Shoes Have Made follows grieving brother and sister Jay and Saskia who have lost their mother and run away from their father, creating their own epic fable on the streets of London via a mash-up of performance poetry, fragrant song and electronic beats.

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It’s a premise with potential but the execution is so breathless and restless and the music, at times, so loud that it can be hard to discern the garbled narrative.

Until 26 August