Theatre review: Algorithms, Pleasance Courtyard, Edinburgh

For goofy over-thinker Brooke, being single over the age of 30 is a fate worse than being accused of being middle-class in Waitrose, particularly when, as a bisexual woman, she has to deal with other people's preconceptions and prejudice.

Algorithm explores the idea of love in the time of Tindr

Algorithms, Pleasance Courtyard, Edinburgh * * *

After her girlfriend unexpectedly splits up with her, she throws herself into trying to find a replacement. But despite the fact her job is writing algorithms for a dating website, she struggles to find the man or woman of her data-filled dreams.

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Through a well-constructed, if in some ways familiar, monologue, written and performed by Sadie Clark, we follows Brooke's increasingly desperate journey to find Mr or Ms Right. Brooke might work in tech, but at times feels more like a primary school teacher, giving motivational words to us single people, oblivious to whether we need or want them. Her perspective reiterates, rather than undercuts, twee stereotypes surrounding what women are looking for from relationships, and the more interesting content on how we choose partners in the 21st century slowly fades like a computer screensaver.

In the end, Brooke finally learns to love herself and encourages us to do the same. "Just be you," she concludes. If you need to be told, you know where to go.

Until 26 August