Theatre: Faultlines, Carrubbers, Edinburgh

Abusive relationships and how to break free of them, is the subject of this well-staged collection of true stories by Saltmine Theatre Company.

Faultlines, Carrubbers (Venue 520)

Faultlines, Carrubbers, * * *

There’s Sally, the super-competent mum of three who knows how to hide her bruises, Seth who is kept a prisoner by his possessive girlfriend, and Laura, who will do anything for the man she loves, including accept the way he treats her.

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The interweaving stories are inventively staged by the four-strong company using a mix of theatrical techniques interspersed with some fine singing on a clever cardboard set. And there are moments of desperate poignancy, such as the little girl who believes her mum is a superhero who fights baddies every night in order to explain her bruises.

While it’s a fluent, skilled production, Faultlines feels as if it’s driven by an issue rather than character or story. It has a definite agenda in mind, rather than offering the possibilities of something more open-ended. Of course, raising awareness of domestic abuse, and showing the strength in those often classified as victims, are commendable aims and one hopes it reaches those who need to hear.


Until 17 August