Comedy review: Sid Singh, Counting House, Edinburgh

This is a game-changer of a show, or at least it should be, because playing the game Sid's way, you get the feeling that your chances of winning are exponentially increased. Sid is a fan of hate.

A powerfully political show that tackles all the 'isms
A powerfully political show that tackles all the 'isms
A powerfully political show that tackles all the 'isms

Sid Singh, Counting House(170) * * * *

And he wants to show us how to weaponise it in the right way, which, currently, we are not doing. He has not had the greatest of years – TV show cancelled, work visa expired, fired from a well-known improv company based in Amsterdam for being 'difficult' and currently here at the Fringe in a dodgy position, immigration status wise.

But we should be thrilled that border control is so … well, I will let Sid tell you about that. This is a powerfully political show that tackles all the 'isms and checks white privilege but not in a way you have heard before.

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He is a human rights lawyer when he is not sneaking into countries to do powerhouse political comedy shows, and so when he talks, you really should listen, because his hourly rate is normally a lot more than a donation in a bucket.

There are big laughs here from unlikely places and we learn a lot about Sid's open-minded attitude to sexuality, racism in Amsterdam, the other side to the idea of kids in cages and Sid's confessed career as a gold-digger. Sid is brutally honest when he tells us that comedy cannot change the world. But what he does is bringing it closer. Please don't deport him.

Until 25 August